New Club Applicant Criteria

We welcome applications for clubs to join our league, however, there are certain criteria that you must fulfill in order to apply.

Please take note of the following:


  • Must be Step 5 or higher
  • Must have a youth development plan
  • Charter Standard (if not a charter standard club, you must be prepared to work towards achieving this standard)
  • Must have 2 teams within the league within 2 seasons
  • Must have Coaching Qualifications
  • Must have a Code of conduct for both players and parents
  • Standard of facility you intend to use (must meet leagues requirements, providing hospitality in line with league requirements in mandatory) Further meeting to be arranged to inspect playing facility

The League (will)

  • Arrange a formal meeting
  • Provide you with a current handbook
  • Talk you through the criteria
  • Answer any queries you may have
    All Applicants will be  judged on merit

– Final acceptance will be made by the membership at the AGM

The Next Steps

If you feel you meet the criteria and want to apply, please contact Richard Coleman, EJA Secretary by email